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2014 Dog Walk Registration Information

Submit this registration form WITH your donations to the Northeast Ohio SPCA.  To receive your official T-shirt before the event, turn your $25 or more pledges into the shelter by 5:00 pm, Thursday, May 8, 2014. You may also pledge via our PayPal link.

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In consideration of the Northeast Ohio SPCA, a non-profit, in Parma, Ohio, I do herby, for myself, my heirs, my executors and administrators release and forever discharge all such above named parties and their affiliates, successors and assigns, their officers, directors, employees, executors, administers, and volunteers, and also any and all rights and claims of any and all other persons, associations and corporations, whether herein named or referred to or not, and who, together with the above named, from any and all rights and claims of any nature which I may, or which may hereafter occur to me, against any such parties or any person connected with this event, individually or collectively, from any responsibility for any injury to person, apparel or equipment during such event.


The undersigned warrants that he/she is of the age of majority, which is a requirement for entrance and participation in said event.  (In the alternative, his/her guardian or parents must approve in writing such entrance or participation.)

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About Us

My name is Anita Martukovich, I am the shelter manager at The Northeast Ohio SPCA Pet Shelter, I have always been an animal lover. Currently I have four dogs, my favorite is a toy fox terrier named Zinger. I remember working at my first job, which was a county facility where animals not adopted within three days were euthanized. It was always my dream to work at a place where I didn’t have to see any animals put to sleep. After a few years I decided to open my own shelter with the help of a few colleagues.

Today, I sit at the front desk helping with the intake and adoption of animals. I oversee all of the inner workings of shelter life. It is my goal
 to find a home for every animal that is surrendered to the shelter. Animals that have been abused and neglected are put into a foster home until they are nursed back to health, before they are put up for adoption. I have frequently fostered animals in my own home. One of my favorite shelter initiatives is called Dog of the Day. This initiative was created to generate interest in the animals that are having a difficult time finding the right family. The shelter will reduce the price of the animal or offer the animal to a good home for free. Seeing each animal find the perfect home is one of my dreams come true.


"Through adoption, education, spay and neuter, we save lives to make euthanasia of healthy animals unnecessary."


The purpose of the Northeast Ohio SPCA no-kill Pet Shelter is to provide a safe haven for abandoned, healthy, homeless, and adoptable loving pets until they can find a home. The shelter opened in April of 2004, as of July 2012 we have adopted 17,500 pets to loving homes in the community.

The Northeast Ohio SPCA is a non-profit, private agency and receives no government funding. The shelter relies on donations and support from members in the community.

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